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Typ Pistol
Kaliber .44 Mag
Pojemność magazynka 6
Producent LutyArmsLogo.png Luty Arms Co.
Waga 0.45 kg
Szybkostrzelność 240 strzałów na minutę
Efektywny zasięg Dystans, po którego przekroczeniu pocisk będzie zadawał mniej obrażeń 75 m
Fire Delay 0.1 s (Double Action)
Fire Delay 0 s (Single Action)
Szybkość dobycia 0.45s
Czas przeładowania ??s
Szybkość wycelowania ??s
Inne informacje
Klasy Chaos Repressors
ID przedmiotu 39

The Revolver is a firearm found in SCP: Secret Laboratory that is primarily used by the Chaos Repressors. The weapon is very useful as a sidearm, though with the right attachment configuration it can act as a long range weapon. The weapon's power allows it to easily perform one tap headshots.

The Revolver spawns on Chaos Repressors as a secondary weapon. The Revolver will always one tap headshot any human player that isn't wearing armor. By default the weapon has 65% armor penetration, making it somewhat effective against armored foes. With the .44 AP Mag attachments, bullet penetration is increased by 85%, making it extremely effective against foes with armor. Equipping the .44 AP Mag with either the Medium or Long Barrel will allow the Revolver to always one tap human player heads, regardless of what Armor they are wearing (or not). The default .44 FMJ bullets cannot one tap headshot players wearing any armor unless that armor is the Light Armor; even then, the Revolver must have the Long Barrel to do so.

The Revolver has two modes: Double-Action and Single-Action. By default the Revolver is in Double-Action mode. When in Double-Action mode, the player must hold Left Click.png Lewy Przycisk Myszy for 0.1s to fire. If the player presses Middle Click.png Środkowy Przycisk Myszy, the Revolver switches to Single-Action mode. Simply pressing Left Click.png Lewy Przycisk Myszy will achieve nothing, unlike all the other guns in the game.
In Single-Action mode the Revolver has a much faster firerate and is more accurate. The downside of this mode is that the player has to manually cock the Revolver's hammer with Middle Click.png Środkowy Przycisk Myszy each time they want to fire in this mode, thus giving an overall lower fire-rate.

The Revolver has three different cylinders: - The default 6-shot cylinder with 6 FMJ bullets - The 4-shot cylinder with 4 AP bullets - The 8-shot cylinder, which contains 8 FMJ bullets but causes the 0.1s fire delay to be increased.

With the right attachment configurations, the Revolver can act as a powerful, primary weapon with long range that can one tap headshot any target. The downsides to these configurations are the gun being heavier, a lower amount of bullets (through the AP cylinder), a slower firerate (when using the large cylinder or Single-Action) and an extended equip time. This makes it extremely ineffective as a sidearm or in close combat.

The Revolver's rounds are fairly limited, as Chaos Repressors spawn with them, and can be found nowhere else within Site-02. Therefore, the only way to gain more Revolver rounds is to pick them up from deceased Chaos Insurgents, or using SCP-914.


Attachment Stats
Iron Sights
ADS Zoom 1.2x
Default Attachment
Dot Sight
ADS Zoom 1.05x
Equip Time +0.02s
Weight +7%
Telescopic Sight
ADS Zoom 6x
Equip Time +0.05s
Weight +33%

Attachment Stats
Medium Barrel
Default Attachment
Long Barrel
Damage +10%
Bullet Acuracy +100%
Equip Time +0.08s
Length +37%
Weight +51%
Short Barrel
Equip Time -0.19s
Length -22%
Weight -30%
Damage -10%
Bullet Accuracy -23%

Attachment Changes
Standard Stock
Default Attachment
Heavy Stock
Aiming Accuracy +150%
Recoil When Aiming -35%
Equip Time +0.11s
Length +89%
Weight +33%

Attachment Changes
6-Shot Cylinder
Default Attachment
4-Shot Cylinder
Penetration +30%
Bullet Accuracy +25%
Magazine Capacity -2
8-Shot Cylinder
Magazine Capacity +2
Fire Rate -40%




Equip Animation
Rare Equip Animation
Inspect Animation
Reload Animation
Rare Reload Animation
Reload Animation (from unload)
Unload Animation